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1. I can't register. I see "Your e-mail is already used".
It's mean that you are already registered. Please, use your e-mail and password to login.

2. I can't download movie! What happened?
Make sure that you have fulfilled the registration process.

3. What a best player to watch movies?
You can use various players, for example widely known Apple Quick Time Player, VLC Player, Windows Media Player, Ivivo, etc.

4. What is the best browser for downloading movies? Can I use Internet Explorer?
Internet Explorer can't download files bigger than 4GB size by itself. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer with Flashget or Flashget Classic (it's better to use classic version) download manager. Also you can use Mozilla Firefox with Flashgot plugin. We recommend using download managers to avoid incomplete downloads, such as Folx(Mac OSX), FlashGet(Win), etc.

5. How long does the downloading process take?
It depends on a speed of your Internet connection and movie quality. Better quality means more downloading time.

6. I don't know how to download with FlashGet. Help me, please.
You should click on the "Download with FlashGet" and then you choose where to save the movie file.

7. The movie playing, but I can't hear any sound. What a problem?
Be sure you have all needed codecs on your computer. Check the "Help" page to find ande installed missing codecs.

8. I hear a sound, but I can't see anything.
It's strongly recommended to install the latest video and audio codecs. We suggest using codec pack such as K-Lite Codec Pack (Windows), Perian Codec(Mac OSX), etc.

9. When I try to download a movie some error occurs. What can I do?
Maybe it's some trouble with exactly this file. Try to download it again later or go to "Support" page and write a message to our support team about your problem. We fix it fast!

10. I download the movie consisting on a 3 parts. How can I put them together?
Check all 3 parts with "Ctrl" or left click of a mouse, then ckick righr button and find "Play with..." and click playing with your player.